Route to Code training, Oulu

Duration: 80 days

Training starts: 31.1.2023

Training ends: 26.5.2023

Application period ends:  9.1.2023

Address: Rautatienkatu 81, 90400 Oulu

This training has ended

TE-live show

Watch a recording of the TE-live show about the training here: https://te-live.fi/lahetykset/UQe-9lJQo

Description of the training

Companies have a strong need to recruit programming experts! The goal of the ”Route to Code” training is to develop basic programming skills to meet the current needs. This provides a pathway to ICT jobs.

After the training you are ready to apply for further studies, such as Recruitment Training in the ICT field (also educational institutions), or alternatively to start searching for a job using the skills acquired during the training. For each participant, Opiframe provides an individual education/employment path in order to achieve the goals.

This training is in English. Training includes face-to-face teaching, contact teaching and remote teaching (via Microsoft Teams).

Who can apply to this training?

The main target audience for the training is the clients of TE Services who are unemployed job seekers or under threat of unemployment while having the basic skill set required for this type of training and are in a need of additional learning to keep up-to-date in the industry. The applicants may either have a formal education in the ICT industry, work experience, or knowledge gained through their own projects and hobbies within the industry.

Content of the training

The training focuses on the basics of programming. Python is the first programming language to be reviewed. After that, the basics of databases are taught, including the SQL language, which is used with the MySQL database server.

Next, we will study the basics of web programming. JavaScript language is the primary focus because it provides the basis for using the React/Angular framework which is most commonly used in working life. After the user interface is implemented with React, the next step is the Backend, which requires the use of Node.JS and JQuery frameworks. In this way, a web program using a database is implemented, which gives a sample of the trainee’s abilities. Finnish language teaching (workplace Finnish) included to the training.

The training familiarizes the participants with project management. During the training, a team-based project work is carried out, which progresses alongside teaching. The project is an important part of the portfolio that is built for the trainees. The web projects to be implemented include a browser interface, a server, and a data warehouse. Professional agile methods, such as SCRUM, are emphasized in the work, and comprehensive documentation is made.

Trainees have access to an extensive online learning environment for programming. There, you can study independently and deepen your knowledge of previously learned technologies or expand your knowledge 24/7.

Send your question about the training to:

Jussi Riihijärvi
040 158 8060

Ilona Mannelin
040 124 1822

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