Full Stack Developer – Training for Finding Employment, Tampere

Duration: 7 months

Start date: 03.01.2022

Application period: 21.10.-26.11.2021

Address: Rautatienkatu 21 B, 33100 Tampere

Note: The contact teaching period will be taught either in the classroom or online depending on the current situation.

How to apply:
1.  Apply to the training first via TE Services (code: 702553)

2. After the first step has been completed, send your CV in PDF format to: fullstack@opiframe.com. Name the file as follows: “Surname First Name CV”

Come and hear more about education and employers! Recorded broadcast can be found from the link below

Link to recorded TE-live : https://te-live.fi/lahetykset/cT4ffN4TR

M-Files, Profirator, Gelo, CySec Ice Wall, Unseen Technologies, Toymelab and Suomen Terveysravinto are looking for new talents through this training program! 

The description of the Training

Would you like to become a web developer in the near future? Companies are looking for new talents. Apply to the training now! Among all the applicants, 15 people will be chosen for the program.

The 7-month training period includes the basic training period (40 days), the advanced period (20 days, including following topics: DevOps, UX/UI, Cyber Security, Cloud Services and Testing) as well as on the job training (80 days) in a partner company.

Many software we are used to seeing as standalone products are shifting to the web. Therefore, the demand for the experts who manage providing various web based services are more required than ever before.

The aim of the training is to connect companies with talented web developers that we provide training for and who master the skills required for producing various web services. Additionally, we aim for helping recent graduates to enter into their own field successfully. The training program emphasizes the development of the current skillset of the trainees during the 60 day contact period with the final objective being the employment of the trainees. 

The target audience for this training is the customers of TE Services in the Pirkanmaa area who either need additional training, have basic knowledge and/or need to keep their skills up-to-date. Our partner companies value experience gained either through formal education, hobbies or work experience. Do not hesitate to apply!

Partner companies are looking for trainees with various skills from software development to testing and mobile development. Additionally, companies have several projects as well as back-end and front-end development tasks
>Experience in programming >Experience in the IT industry >Experience in embedded systems and mobile app development >Knowledge of software development theories (e.g. data model / database design) >PHP Programming in practice >Cloud Services (AWS, Azure) >RESTful APIs >Understanding of Scrum or Kanban in programming
web programming (HTML5/CSS/JavaScript), Java, Java EE, React, C# (.NET), AngularJS, MongoDB, SQL, MySQL, NodeJS, PHP, NetBeans, Github, ASP.NET, AWS, Go, Scala, Erlang, Kubernetes, JIRA, Jenkins and Linux. The partners value knowledge gained through trainees’ own projects and hobbies in addition to formal education and work experience.
Whether you are on the senior or junior level, you can be chosen for the training program to become a Full Stack developer.
The working language is mainly Finnish. However, it is common that the professionals in the industry have decent skills in spoken and written English. In some companies, the working language may be English. The training is executed in Finnish and English. Trainees must be able to understand any materials given in English.
Employers value individuals who are able to work with various teams and independently. Taking initiative at work and self-management skills are always appreciated. When facing a challenge, you have the knowhow on finding out possible solutions. You have a desire to learn new and develop your skills within the industry continuously.

The content of the training

Theoretical frameworks are looked into with practical examples and assignments. A practical, work-life related Full Stack Project is started simultaneously with the period of training. This project is continued during the advanced part. The final part, on the job training, supports the learning process by taking the learnings regarding the development of modern web applications to the real work environment.

The training period is divided into two parts. The basic period is 35 days, after which there are four advanced themes that allow the trainees to expand their knowledge in areas closely related to programming. The advanced themes are in some cases optional depending on the needs of the trainee as well as the partner company.

The training is executed in Finnish and English. Trainees must be able to understand any materials given in English.

Basic training – Full stack development (40 days)

During the basic training period, the trainees will learn the basics of the RESTful-based web application functionality. The core technologies taught are React, Redux, NodeJS, MongoDB and Express. 

We will review the implementation of REST services, application state on the front end, questions related to cyber security, session management combined with database as well as user data management. Additionally, the trainees will learn about cloud running and extensions such as mobile customer programs and third party account management in, e.g. Facebook

During the basic training period, the trainees will take part in a Full Stack Project. The project consists of the programming, documentation processes and creating a short manual. All material will be added to open git (GitHub/Bitbucket) and, for instance, to a cloud service (Heroku/AWS/Azure).

Advanced period (20 Days)

The topics on the advanced part are DevOps, UX/UI, cloud services, databases, information security as well as testing. The aim of the advanced part is to deepen the knowledge and skillset gained during the basic training part and support the skills learned during the Project.

>Training includes learning DevOps methods in software production:
  • The basics of DevOps
  • DevOps and software development
  • DevOps tools (Docker, Kubernetes etc)
  • Scaling
The UX/UI module consists of the best practices of UX design and usability as well as how to group various services in a logical manner. Additionally, the planning of multiple views and steps is touched upon.
The basis of learning modern cyber security management is grounded in theories and theoretical frameworks that are put into practice with hands-on exercises. This module gives a solid foundation to cyber security management of the web-based platforms and the execution of cyber security audits.
  • Cyber security as a part of the company’s safety management
  • The management and frameworks of cyber security
  • Software development and cyber security
  • On-premises ja pilviympäristöjen suojaaminen
  • Vulnerability testing and cyber security audits
  • Responding to security breaches
This module includes the basics of implementing Azure, AWS and Google Cloud Platform, their features and services.
  • The basic elements of cloud services, such as virtual machines, drives and networks and various methods of storing
  • Identity and access control
  • Publishing applications. Each section includes a practical task that is demonstrated in a real cloud environment
  • Migrations and database related services

On the job-training (80 days) 

The skills learned during the contact training are put to the test during the practical training. In addition, the trainees have an online learning platform available where they can deepen their knowledge regarding the themes relevant to both the collaborative partner (company) and the trainee. The trainee can contact the teachers for support during the practical training.

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