Software Testing Training Program
Tips and instructions for applying for an on-the-job training, curriculum vitae and interview.

Below are tips and instructions for applying for an on-the-job training, making a resume and interviewing.

At the bottom of the page you will find the Material Bank, where you can download and print for example CV templates and brochure of the training.

1. Tips for Creating a Resume

You will find two resume templates (in Finnish) in the Material Bank .

  • Clear and short
  • Information relevant to accessing the job interview
  • 1-2 pages long
  • Select a font that is easy to read. For example, point size 12, font Arial / Calibri. Margin 3 cm
    and line spacing 1.5 p
  • A curriculum vitae is a marketing tool for securing access to a job interview
  • There is no law requiring you to put your age on a resume. If age matters for job search, add it only in those cases
  • Write every job on its own line
    • Name of the employer
    • Duration of employment
    • What kind of work
    • 3-4 sentences description of what you have accomplished in your job
    • Jobs over 10 years old should not be listed
    • If possible, highlight the results and achievements you have achieved in your work. They tell you more about you as an employee than a list of tasks you have done at your workplace
  • Open a LinkedIn account for yourself. Take the best bits  of your resume. When you meet people, always give them a LinkedIn invitation after the meeting.

2. Tips for email

1. List each company (for example, in Excel) with contact name and phone number / email information.
Please also include the date you sent the email, SMS and call back.

You can find the excel template (“Company list – Excel”) for your business listing in the Material Bank at the bottom of the page.

2. Use the template below when approaching employers via email. 

Dear employer,

my name is First Name Last Name. I was looking for an internship in the Software Testing Training Program and your company aroused my interest. Please find my CV and educational brochure attached to this email.

In order to develop my current skills, I am studying in the Software Testing Degree Program and my goal is to find a meaningful employer and position after my internship.

Our training has started on 16.03.2020 with theoretical studies. On-the-job training will start on 04.05.2020 and will last until 06.08.2020. The on-the-job training period is free for the employer and Opiframe takes care of our insurance coverage during the training.

I am happy if my e-mail arouse your interest. I’ll be happy to tell you more about myself.

Best regards.

First name Last Name

  1. +358 XX XXXX XXX
  2. etunimi.sukunimi@gmail.com

LinkedIn: First Name Last Name (link this name to your LinkedIn profile)

3. After sending the email, write a text message that says:

“First name” “Last name” here hello,

I approached you by email about a Software Testing Training Program,
looking for a job learning place for myself.

I hope the e-mail will interest my expertise and training program,
and you have time to respond to my message.

Best regards,

“First name” “Last Name”

4. If they don’t contact you, call them the next day!

3. Interview

Preparing for the interview

Get to know the company

  • Think about what picture you want to give of yourself
  • Think about how to dress beforehand
    • Jeans and t-shirt
    • Slim jacket and cool pants
    • Dark suit and tie
    • Stand out to your advantage

 Prepare and print questions:

  1. What is my job?
  2. What kind of business does the company currently have?
  3. Do you have challenges?
  4. What development needs does the company have?
  5. What are the tasks of a typical working day?
  6. What types of people are you employed at?
  7. What qualities does a good employee have?
  8. Can you develop your own know-how that suits your business needs?

Interview situation

  • Be on time about 15 minutes early.
  • Declare that you have arrived. Tell who you are, who you are going to meet, and when the appointment is scheduled.
  • If possible, start with short small talk for example about weather, nice news related to the company, current event etc.
  • Be sure to ask questions. You are about to complete the job search (internship) mapping phase.
  • At the end, you can inquire if there is any expertise that you could develop in order to gain that knowledge and work for the company.
  • If the discussion reveals that you have the expertise the company needs, you can bring it up now.
  • Leave your resume and your skills folder.
  • Thank for a interesting conversation and wish a good day.

4. Material Bank

Below you can download and print or save materials to apply for a on-the-job training. These materials are in Finnish.
Attach this Training brochure to the email you send!
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