ICT Security Specialist – Training for Finding Employment, Espoo

Duration: 6 months

Training starts: 30.11.2022

Application period ends: 7.11.2022

Address: Linnoitustie 3, 02600 Espoo, 4. krs

Note: the contact teaching period will be taught either in the classroom or online depending on the current situation.

How to Apply:
1. Apply to the training first via TE Services (ICT-/Tietoturva-asiantuntija, code: 706514)

2. After the first step has been completed, send your CV in PDF format to: it.specialist@opiframe.com. Name the file as follows: “Surname First Name CV”

Description of the training

A comprehensive ICT Security Specialist training program is focused on the support of the business infrastructure and its ancillary activities. The aim is to give the tools required for the management of diverse technical environments and problem solving in the customer service.

The training starts with the basic module (50 days) which is focused on contemporary IT management while taking traditional solutions and methodologies into account. The training recognizes the importance of developing communication and customer service skills as part of the curriculum.

Trainees will also participate in advanced modules during their on the job training period depending on their job, its requirements and the necessity in developing in certain areas. The advanced modules are divided into cyber security, cloud services and data networks. The trainee has the option to participate in one or all three advanced modules.

The main target audience for the training are the clients of TE Services who are unemployed job seekers or under the threat of unemployment while having the basic skill set required for this type of training and are in a need for additional learning to keep up-to-date in the industry. The applicants may either have a formal education in the ICT industry, work experience or knowledge gained through their own projects and hobbies within the industry.

Ideally, you are not afraid of taking initiative and have self management skills. You are able to work both alone and in teams. When in doubt, you do not hesitate to ask for help. There is a desire to develop knowledge and skill set. The passion for the industry and having own projects in it are considered as an asset.

This 6-month training period is divided into 50 days of contact teaching and 70 days of on the job learning. The contact teaching period will be taught either in the classroom or online depending on the current situation.

The training is conducted in Finnish, language proficiency requirement is B1.1. Materials are in English.

Content of the Training

The training is divided into the following sections: basic module and three advanced modules.

The basic module includes:

  • M365
  • Failures and management of Windows 10
  • TeamViewer: remote support software
  • VPN Firewalls and routers
  • Monitoring internet traffic and identification of data breaches
  • Active Directory and cloud infrastructure management
  • Virtualization techniques
  • F-Secure cyber security software for businesses
  • Operation of switch and WLAN networks and fault tolerance
  • Windows servers, backups and fault tolerance
  • Deployment and maintenance of cloud services
  • Communication and customer service skills

Advanced modules

Cyber Security and Incident Response

The theory acts as a solid basis for building a comprehensive and contemporary understanding of cyber security management. The examples and hands-on tasks help trainees to put the theory into practical applications. This module gives a solid skillset for the management and evaluation of cyber security as well as experience in knowing how to identify security breaches and take the initial response.

  • Cyber security as a part of safety management in business environment
  • Management of cyber security and frameworks
  • Protection of cloud environments and on premises
  • Vulnerability assessments and cyber security audits
  • Incident response to data breaches

Cloud Services and PowerShell

This module focuses on the main areas of cloud services and its management and troubleshooting. Cloud services provide a set of tools in monitoring, creating automatic alerts and fixing failures. The management of cloud services through cloud management portal and Powershell as well as proactive measures towards potential issues are also looked into.

Traffic and networks

Following areas of network-related expertise are explored:

  • IPSec / SSL VPN configurations
  • RADIUS authentications
  • Duplication of network devices
  • Secure connecting between business network and public cloud service
  • VLAN changes
  • Executing 1X-configurations
  • The usage of packet analyzer in network traffic monitoring

Additionally, this module includes learning how to find and fix the most common network issues such as network bottlenecks, failures in WLAN, package loss in LAN and issues in DHCP and DNS services.

 On the Job Training

The skills learned during the contact training are put to the test during the practical training. In addition, the trainees have an online learning platform available where they can deepen their knowledge regarding the themes relevant to the workplace the trainee is having the final training module in. The trainee can contact the teachers for support during the practical training.

Interested? Send your question about the training to: 

Hiski Hovivuori
040 197 6874

Otto Kiiskinen
044 517 2223

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